2019 Landscape Ontario Congress

Once again, as previous years this past January Natural Stone Traders Inc. took part in the very prestigious annual trade show and conference for Canada's horticultural and landscape professionals.  The show is well known and rated one of the best in North America for the green industry. 

 As a leading leader in ethically sourced stone landscape products Natural Stone Traders Inc. was very proud to be back in attendance at the trade show.  We look forward to taking part every year as we feel very honored to represent our industry at the show.  

Every year this amazing show gets better and better! Our industry is growing and the public is coming in to see what's new for the upcoming season. We love to show case our production process and our quality products plus answer all questions in regards to our natural sourced stones. From the way the stones are extracted to the manufacturing process, and to the final product. We are so honored to represent our industry at the LO congress show.  We love answering and educating the public as to why our products are the best in quality and the better choice for their landscaping needs.  


There was so much to do at the show! we also take the opportunity to rub elbows with other businesses in the industry some of which visited our booth. We would like to extend a big thanks in appreciation to all who came by to say hello!

All in all the 2019 LO Congress Trade Show was a huge success as always.  We can't wait for the next opportunity to be here again next year, so that we can continue to showcase our excellent products to the public and to bring them new and exiting ideas in regards to landscaping products.